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Kitchen Essentials: Stocking Your Kitchen for Cooking Success

Posted on May 11 2019

Kitchen Essentials: Stocking Your Kitchen for Cooking Success



In most homes, the kitchen is usually the center of the house and where everything happens.  It’s typically one of the most used rooms in a home, as well as the most loved.  You spend time in there cooking meals for your friends and family, try new recipes out, and of course, this is where all of the taste testings goes on!


Since the kitchen is the most used room in the home, you are going to need to set it up so that it has all of the essentials that you are ever going to need.  If you value your time and money, having the right tools on standby while you are in the kitchen is a huge necessity.


Especially if it is going to be your first time doing so, setting up your kitchen is exciting and can be a lot of fun.  You get to choose between tons of different utensils, flatware, pots, pans, and everything else that belongs in the kitchen.  The chances are that you’ve seen at least one cooking show and can remember all of the different pots, pans, utensils, mixers, and everything else that the contestants would use while cooking.  While it does look pretty amazing on television, there is a good chance that you won’t need quite as many items as they had. 


But what exactly do you need when you are setting up your kitchen?  Here is a list of all the items you should have in your kitchen to help you save time, money, and to just be prepared for whatever kitchen adventures you may end up getting into.


  • Eating Dishes and Other Flatware



This is probably the most basic and most essential part of your kitchen.  Granted, this is going off the notion that you already have all of your major appliances.  But dishes and flatware should always be one of the first things you get when you are setting up your kitchen.  This includes bowls, plates, glasses, and coffee mugs.  Without these, plating your email to eat it may be quite the challenge. 


When you are ready to choose the flatware that is best for you, it can potentially be overwhelming as there are going to be so many different styles and patterns to pick between.  However, don’t feel like you need to rush and get something if you are not in love with it.  You can always eat off of throwaway plates and cups until you find the flatware set that you like.  You can usually find a good deal on some incredible patterns and designs online.


  • Silverware


Similar to your flatware and dishes, without silverware you may find that it can be quite messy to eat the meal you cooked.  But you don’t have anything to worry about, as a good silverware set is a perfect solution for this problem.


When it does come to silverware, they are similar to the flatware in the sense that there are going to be multiple designs and styles.  But again, do some research online, and you will be able to find the style and plan for the set that you decide to purchase.


  • Utensils



If you have ever seen the kitchen utensil area at any major store, then you that the utensil area is usually the entire aisle!  So with all of the different options available, what utensils do you need to get your kitchen up and to run?


Luckily you have two options for utensils.  You can either find a complete utensil set that you like which will generally carry all of the essential ones that you will need, or you can go and find them individually.    While the complete sets will vary in size and what is included in it, it is much simpler than going out and trying to find each piece individually.  However, when you go and find each utensil personally, you know that you are getting precisely what you want and are going to enjoy each piece.  So it is up to you which way you choose to go, but here are the necessary utensils that you should always have in your kitchen:


  • A wooden spoon set, preferably bamboo
  • A spatula that is ideally not plastic (either bamboo or steel)
  • A ladle
  • A pair of stainless steel tongs, maybe in multiple sizes


The utensils listed above are the bare minimum that you should have in your kitchen if you do any cooking at all.  But if you feel that you need a little more or would like to get all the utensils so you will always have the one you need, you should consider adding:


  • A wooden pasta fork
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Spatulas in several different sizes
  • Whisks in different sizes
  • Pizza cutter
  • Cheese slicer (preferably steel)
  • Pie and cake server
  • Cooking knife set


When you are getting your kitchen setup, or even replacing or upgrading your current kitchen, it is essential that you get all of the pieces that you want and are happy with. An excellent place to find things that you won’t necessarily be able to see in the regular store is by shopping for them online.  That is precisely why you need to check out this website for all of your household kitchen needs.


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