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Gold Kaya Silverware - TheBrainyHouse
Gold Kaya Silverware - TheBrainyHouse
Gold Kaya Silverware - TheBrainyHouse

Gold Kaya Silverware

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It’s about to get a luxurious addition to setting the table for a perfect dinner party with gold surfaced flatware. You can make a delicate introduction along with this 24-piece set having proper gold exterior. The combination of suitable design with gold color surfacing works great enough to amuse the guests.

  • Strong Building: Through stainless steel for the main part, the flatware comes with sufficient stability. Also, the German 18/10 grading ensures ultimate strength and supreme tolerance all the way.
  • Hand-Forged: The interior body is made with hand-forged steel and bears great artistic value. You will get reasonably high integrity in the first place using this premium-level construction. 
  • Permanent Electroplating: The gold color is perfectly electroplated over the surface which remains sticky. No scouring/fading of the surface will occur with right maintenance for sure.
  • Washing Facility: Every single gear from the set being dishwasher safe, the washing becomes an easy task to take care of. For a quicker solution, use soft cloths to wipe the dirt at once.
  • Basic Gear Package: Having this set, you will receive common shaped dinner knife, spoon, fork and dessert spoon. Each one counts a number of 6 pieces to enable a moderate dinner party.

Luxurious appearance and dinner both are possible with the pieces from this ergonomic and versatile flatware set.


    1 SET 4 PIECE
    4 SET 16 PIECES

    6 SET 24 PIECE

  • 1 X Fork
  • 1 X Knife
  • 1 X Coffee Spoon
  • 1 X Soup Spoon
  • 4 X Fork
  • 4 X Knife
  • 4 X Coffee Spoon
  • 4 X Soup Spoon
  • 6 X Fork
  • 6 X Knife
  • 6 X Coffee Spoon
  • 6 X Soup Spoon