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Set of 10pcs Silicone Kitchen Cooking

$47.40 USD $71.10 USD


100% brand new and high quality.

These Silicone Kitchen cooking utensils are able to meet most of kitchen needs for your daily cooking, baking.

100% FDA-Approved by SGS!!! BPA-Free silicone, stain resistant and odor resistant, heat resistant can be used up to 446 ° F

Won't damage cookware---soft silicone won't scratch your expensive non-stick cookware, pots and pans. Won't chip, warp or melt like your old plastic and bamboo kitchen utensils.

Excellent customer service---If you're not satisfied with your purchase of these quality cooking utensils, please contact with us and you'll be offered a refund or replacement.

FDA food grade silicone will be safe to use in any type of food. It does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes. Unlike some metals which may corrode when exposed to certain acids in food.

It does not react negatively to exposure to extremes of temperature.

Food clip:10.35*1.37 inch

Whisk: 9.65*2.16 inch

Brush: 8.18*1.33 inch

Large scraper:11.22*2.16 inch

Small scraper:8.46*1.57 inch

Drain spoon:10.7* 2.24 inch

Powder catch: 11.02*1.77 inch

Butter spatula 10.55*1.77 inch

Drain shovel: 11.69* 2.95 inch

Spoon: 11.22*3.34 inch.

Package Content:

1x Food clip,1x Whisk, 1x Small brush,1x Large scraper,1x Small scraper,1x Drain spoon,1x Powder catch,1x Butter spatula,1x Drain shovel,1x Spoon